Cement History

The first factory was established in 1933 in Iran, at Share-rey district near Tehran. Its production capacity had been amounted to 100t/d. Industrial development, high population growth and needs for new constructions; all could support the growth of this industry. At present, there are 34 cement operating enterprises with estimated capacity of 117000 t/d. Nowadays, 55 cement projects are under construction which after completing these projects, the estimated capacity will reach to 257000 t/d in 2011.

Iran cement consumption per body is estimated 420 kg comparing to the neighbouring countries this figure is quite high. However, in comparison with U.S.A and European countries, this shows low value. At present, cements demand is much higher than its supply, so that, its distribution has been rationalized. We strongly believe that in near future but not too far, especially within the scope of global trade, Iran is forecasted to stand as a center of cement production and export in the region whereas:
  • Vast supply and good quality of mineral resources in country
  • Young , talented and expert human resources
  • Low price of fuel
Cement production cost in Iran comparing to other neighbouring and European countries is very low. In fact, Iran possesses comparative advantages due to rich and favorable resources, low energy cost, skilled, unskilled and semi‑skilled labor force .  
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