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Special sale of Sistan Cement at exhibition of constriction industry in Zahedan

Sistan Cement such as previous years had a successful presence at tenth technical exhibition of construction industry of Zahedan by its special sales program.
According to department of public relations of Zabol cement Industries Company, Sistan Cement Plant not only had an active participation in this exhibition. But also, special sales program of exhibitions was placed in its agenda which resulted in acclamation of its customers.Mentioned exhibition took place in a complex of four thousands square meter and was held with presence of seventy companies from in and outside of the province which specialised in production and commerce.
Participants of this year of the exhibition, proudly showed off their capabilities publicly in sectors such as mass and light construction, concrete and concrete based products, doors and windows fittings, interior design, ceramic tiles, stone facade, building materials, elevators, lifts, pipes and valves, sanitary wares suite and other construction facilities.
Tenth exhibition of construction industry commenced from Sunday 19 October 2014 with more than seventy stand and ended on Wednesday 30 October 2014.