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According to its advanced possibilities and state of art equipments of its production line, the products of Zabol Cement Factory, in the framework of common standards of cement industry can be various and variable based on the market needs:

Types of standard cements include:

  1. Type 1 cement in classes 1-325, 1-425, 1-525;
  2. Type 2 cement
  3. Type 3 cement
  4. Type 4 cement
  5. Type 5 cement
  6. Pozlani cement
  7. Special Pozolani cement
  8. Overhead cement
  9. Clime cement (okz)
  10. Oil well cement
  11. Colored cement, etc..

Now in Zabol Cement Factory, there are produced type 1 cements, in classes 1-325 and 1-425, type 2 cement, Pozolani cement and type 3 cement, and their specification detailed in related topic. If respected customer orders for a special type of types of cements, this factory is able to review it and produce that type of cement in is facilities.